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oil on canvas
18" x 24" x 3/4"

"The Pivot of the Universe having missed the point, the saint crossed the Yangtze to the capital Loyang of the state of Wei, proceeded to the Shao-lin temple, and there sat for nine years facing a wall. A Confucian scholar, Hui K'e, approached him, asked for instruction, and, receiving no reply, stood for days without effect. Snow fell. It rose to his knees. He cut off his arm with his sword, to show that he was serious, and Bodhidharma turned.
Hui K'e: "I seek instruction in the doctrine of the Buddhas."
Bodhidharma: :This cannot be found through another."
Hui K'e: "I beg you, then, to pacify my soul."
Bodhidharma: "Produce it and I shall do so."
Hui K'e: "I have sought it for many years, but when I look for it, I cannot find it."
Bodhidharma: "So there! It is at peace."