Recent > 2011-2014: man is a monkey, trying to be a tree

Jordan Quintero, Painting, Contemporary Art, Contemporary Figurative Painting, Mythological Art, Surrealist Art, Urban, Organic, Street Art, Trees, Transformation, Visonary Art, Shakespeare
oil on panel, reclaimed redwood frame
18 x 24 inches

I've painted Caliban several times in the last ten years. I was really moved by studying Jimmy Durham's The Caliban Codex in college. link

I always feel as if they are a sort of self portrait–I really identify with Caliban.
The monster. The Other. There is something ingenuous, something real about being kind of a loser I think. A loser, or a victim, or an outcast, or any of the other dispossessed ways of feeling and being seen.

There is the idea of the unique, in the freak. Special, yet utterly inconsequential. It indicates consciousness of the human condition.

Or feeling that way at least. There are lots of spells and other things that mystify me, on the island, in this world, and I just feel so much.