Artwork > 2011-2015: man is a monkey, trying to be a tree

Jordan Quintero, Painting, Contemporary Art, The Tempest, Supermodel, Abstract, Contemporary Figurative Painting, Mythological Art, Surrealist Art, Urban, Organic, Street Art, Trees, Transformation, Visonary Art
oil and acrylic paint on panel, framed
30 x 24 inches

I began this piece at a "Live Painting" gig at a special event at Novo Restaurant in San Luis Obispo, Ca. It began as sort of an evocation of the Central Coast. This landscape, the hills, the vines, the sea, always have felt mythical to me. I grew up on Highway 101, and my family has stories in this country, stories I can almost hear on the wind, the cold Northwesterly off the Pacific, in the oak's groans and rustle, in the sound of the surf, I hear the shapes for my paintings.