Abstract surrealist contemporary oil painting with mythological themes

Letoides, 2014, oil on panel, 48 x 16 inches, sold

I work in cycles and series and projects, often several concurrently, compulsively, relentlessly, trying to understand.

What is left, my work, is incidental to the process, organic in nature, a compendium of moments in a journey.

It is the passing that I try to cultivate,
the happening of a painting.....

Painting, art, is a pantograph; as the hand moves, the mark is made. ...... recognize when a picture is flawed in the most meaningful ways, and then stop.

Make the next picture.

In that way a history can be devised; a mythology of the artist as an experiment.

The pictures are always rooted in life.
They are a form of dance, I think.

– JQ, November 19th, 2013
edited September 18th, 2014