Pictured above: Survivors Pt. 5, 2017, mixed media on panel, 36" x 18"

Artist Bio
b. 1981

Jordan Quintero received a BA in Art from UC Santa Cruz in 2005 after living, working, studying and exhibiting in Granada, Spain, and Santa Barbara, California. In 2009 he founded Branches Gallery in Oakland’s Jingletown Arts District, and in 2011 developed the Branches Mobile Gallery, which designs and curates temporary site-specific gallery installations. His studio is currently located in Arroyo Grande, California.

In addition to his fine art practice, Jordan is a practicing architectural designer, an influence we can see in the carefully organized spaces in many of his pieces. His mixed media work, especially, addresses many of the architect’s concerns: line, form, volume, texture and pattern are all employed to play with ideas of space as they relate to organic form. He pays a very careful attention, in all his work, to material, craft and the potential of mark-making, in the abstract-expressionist sense, to convey feeling.

In his recent abstract-figurative oil paintings, there is a strong classical influence brought into a contemporary style that fuses fine art with street art. Many of the pieces bear titles referencing classical mythology, and the vibrant color palettes he chooses recall the bright blues and ochres of the California landscape, which shares a similar climate and topography with the classical Mediterranean world. The narratives suggested in the work are about the relationships between the subjects of the pictures--hybrid human-tree character forms--with each other and theri environments. There is the sense that he is paying homage to the classical stories while simultaneously subverting them and trying to invent new ones.

The artist sees his work as a struggle to find beauty & meaning in an inherently chaotic world: the creative process as a spiritual practice--a means of following the intuition & connecting to a higher Self. By turns tightly controlled and freely expressionistic, his paintings and mixed media drawings on wood are sensual and organic explorations of a rich interior world comprised of memory, symbolism, mythology and deeply emotive impressions of the natural world. The work both a celebration and a eulogy of the Eternal Moment; the artist’s way of staying in rhythm with the world constantly in flux, beautiful and tragic in it’s continual unfolding.

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