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Abstract surrealist contemporary oil painting with mythological themes.  Zeus. Trees.
Zeus in Dodona
oil on panel
48 x 40 inches


"Zeus is the god who allows other gods to be named. Zeus is the god who allows things to appear.”
Zeus is the commonplace supporting the unique. The unique cannot exist without that support. But the support can exist alone. The unique tends to be jealous, because there are things that don’t being to it. The support tends to be indifferent, because everything rests upon it.”

In Dodona, they consulted the oak to have Zeus guide them through the tangle of the gods. Those coming to the oracle weren’t anxious about whether they should make a sacrifice or not. They were anxious because they were afraid of making their sacrifice to the wrong god. And there is nothing as sad as a sacrifice made to the wrong go. So much of our lives is made up of them.”

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