Jordan Quintero is a living California artist. His work deals particularly with borders and hybridity, exploring the intersection of abstraction and representation as a way of examining the processes that constitute identity, reality and experience. The mark-making in his oil paintings and mixed-media work on raw wood panel can be seen as a dramatic, performative inquiries into questions of consciousness and meaning. While he uses traditional fine art media such as oil paint, graphite and ink, he often combines them in unique and experimental ways.

jordan quintero

acrylic varnish, oil paint & burning on cradeled FSC Certified Sustainably Harvested panel, 18.5" x 11" x 1.5", 2020

Quintero's recent work is especially concerned with representations of wildness and nature, in relation to our hyper-technical, hyper-mediated contemporary experiences.

Naturalistic subjects and imagery will move from chaos to order and back in dynamic composite images, exploring the tension between analytic abstraction and representation as a metaphor for human interactions with nature.

"I have always been interested in archaic symbols, dream imagery, surrealism and the like. By using intuitive mark making juxtaposed with elements of representational imagery, I am questioning what is lost as wildness becomes civilized, and what might be gained as the peculiarly human reconciles itself with itself through holistic experience and understanding of nature. My work is by turns meditative and furious, chaotic and classically reposed, reflecting the struggle with the dualities that I seek to balance in myself."