Jordan Quintero is a contemporary artist currently based in San Luis Obispo County, on the Central California Coast. His work deals with boundaries and borders, exploring the intersections of abstraction and representation, memory and forgetting, perceived and mediated realities. His drawings, paintings, and mixed media examine the natural world through a mythic eye; tree forms can often be seen as lyrical, sensual nymphs, or heroic, defiant Titans. Architectural skylines morph into root structures. Portraits and landscape explore the idea of existential loneliness upon the world stage.

Quintero, a California native of mixed Native American and European ancestry, is especially concerned with ideas of nature and the natural. Forms, objects and visual spaces move from chaos to order and back, exploring the tension there as metaphorical for natural processes, and questions what is lost as wildness becomes civilized, and what is gained as the peculiarly human expands.

Jordan Quintero Fine Art

Ancient Language, Pt. 1, ink, graphite, wax, varnish, oil, burning on hardwood box panel, 48" x 12", 2016