It is the happening of a picture that I cultivate. There are so many conscious decisions to make about art in it’s initial stages, in order to create the physical carriage of an image, but once I’m in front of the piece, it’s all about intuition, movement, the music that comes through; synesthesia. Art is a pantograph: as the hand moves, the mark is made. At root, it is a mechanism for turning moments into meaning, and vice versa.
The trick is to recognize when a picture is flawed in the most meaningful ways, and then stop. Make the next picture. In this way a history can be devised; a mythology of the artist as an experiment.
The finished picture is a moment of synthesis, a window into the border spaces between ideas of subject and object, natural and man-made, Self and Other. The trees are people and the people, trees. In my small way, I’m trying to find a way forward from the dualistic Western worldview that has achieved so much, and wrecked such havoc.
The pictures are always rooted in life, in memory and experience. I have been blessed with a surplus of beauty in my short life. Overwhelming, heartbreaking beauty. My work is an homage to that, telling personal stories in a mythological language. Sharing private visions with the hope that they can connect my viewers to their own sense of the overwhelming beauty of their own ives.

. . . . . .

%The branching canopy, the root structure, the density of material expression in a painting or a building, the organic development of form and structure in the biological world, the mythic-dramaturgical strings that compose the net of movements in our lives and in our minds––these are the things that we must understand, that we must accept, that we must value, if we are going to survive, as a species.
This work is an homage to the appearance of the world, its continual becoming, its miraculous existence, and I hope that it can create for you an awareness of this, the preciousness of your life, the serendipity of our paths crossing, the significance of the echo and of laughter, the irretrievable splendor of the real, the ineffable persistence of imagination, the connection of everything with everything else.%

Jordan Zane Quintero

Ancient Language, Pt. 1, ink, graphite, wax, varnish, oil, burning on hardwood box panel, 48" x 12", 2016