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sensual abstract surrealist contemporary organic tree oil painting on canvas
oil on canvas
16" x 20"

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The dance...the term nirvana translates from the Sanskrit literally as "without the wind". This etymology is derived from Vedic philosophical text that uses a metaphor for truth as being a deeper reality underneath the mediating substance of space-time--like a lake. "Truth" is the lakebed: solid, unchanging, unified. However, we view truth, reality, through the water, which is variable, chaotic, filled with ripples and miscellany. The wind, "vana", is the constant flow of experiences that disturbs the surface of the water, making it impossible to see the truth that lies beneath without distortions. Thus "nirvana" is "nir"--"without" & "vana"--"the wind"; it is a state achieved by a consciousness that has, through meditation, or by grace, gained the vision of the the totality of the deeper truth of the universe by calming the wind generated in the mind by the senses and the emotions.

Love is so windy, in the tree-tops of our minds, down to our roots, we shake and dance about wildly, happy to be alive.