Art > Trying To Be A Tree

oil paintings, tree paintings, contemporary art, Santa Barbara Train Station
Landmark: Station Tree
Oil on panel, framed
24" x 13.5"

I make art out of my life. This California artist gig is pretty interesting. It’s such an aesthetically impressive place. It’s full of so many dynamically opposed and somehow collaborating elements. So many peoples. Stories. Species. It feels timeless; the geography so impressive, like something out of a storybook, a myth, begging to be explained, daring you to make sense of it’s grandiosity.

I don’t know how this gigantic fig tree at the Santa Barbara train station is still doing it’s thing hundreds of years after the Spanish missionaries planted it, but I’m glad it is.

"Time itself is magic, the magic length of God."-L.C.

Available through the Cambria Gallery of Art, visit website.